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OPASCA is a pioneer and market leader in Germany for integrated safety solutions in radiation therapy.

We offer modular all-in-one solutions for safe, efficient and smooth processes in everyday clinical routine in radiotherapy. Together with you, we create the optimal clinical workflows for your facility through standardization and automation. We offer tailor-made solutions that intelligently connect and network all people and components involved in treat­ment. In total, more than 45 private and public hospitals, especially university hospitals and maximum care providers, already benefit from our innovative process solutions. In numerous individual projects, OPASCA has already installed more than 100 systems that have helped to increase safety and workflow efficiency.

OPASCA Workflow Management Suite

The OPASCA Workflow Management Suite simplifies the complex clinical routine. It ensures that all processes are interconnected and run more efficiently, leaving more time for individual and intensive care of the patients.

OPASCA Patient Safety Suite

The OPASCA Patient Safety Suite ensures safety in your radiotherapy clinic. By implementing the Patient Safety Suite, you protect both your patients and your staff as well as all other people in the danger area.

OPASCA Produktportfolio product overview Workflow Management Patient Safety Sicherheit Klinik Clinic
OPASCA Produktportfolio product overview Workflow Management Patient Safety Sicherheit Klinik Clinic


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OPASCA expands its sales area alongside with Medsuro Medical Equipment and C.Curie

30.01.2020 With Medsuro Medical Equipment and C.Curie, OPASCA has gained two valuable partners to jointly optimize clinical standards in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Since the beginning of December 2019, Björn Schrauwen (Medsuro Medical Equipment) and Nicole De Keyzer (C.Curie) have been supporting OPASCA as exclusive agents and consultants in sales and project implementation. Both partners have a broad knowledge and a solid network in the field of radiotherapy.

OPASCA and DTA join efforts to bring Patient Safety solutions to radiotherapy facilities in Spain 

21.11.2019  OPASCA GmbH, a leading provider of innovative safety and patient management solutions for radio-therapy, and DTA S.L., a distributor of advanced technology products for radiotherapy, are pleased to announce the signing of a new distribution agreement. According to this agreement, DTA will help to improve the safety of patients and staff in radiotherapy facilities in Spain with the OPASCA Patient Safety Suite. More information can be found here.