‘We change radiotherapy processes, making them efficient, smooth and safer to create a positive healing environment, where clinicians dedicate time for what matters most to their patients.’

Our Management 


Steffen Liebscher (COO)
Projekt controlling
Responsible for finances 

Dr. Alexej Swerdlow (CEO)
Business Development
Responsible for marketing, personnel, projects and sales

Dr.-Ing. Timo Machmer (CTO)
Technical quality management
Responsible for research and development

OPASCA is a pioneer and market leader in Germany for integrated safety solutions in radiation therapy.

We offer modular all-in-one solutions for safe, efficient and smooth processes in everyday clinical routine in radiotherapy. Together with you, we realize the optimal clinical workflows for your facility through standardization and automation. We offer tailor-made solutions that intelligently connect and network all persons and components involved in treat­ment. In total, more than 45 private and public hospitals, especially university hospitals and maximum care providers, already benefit from our innovative process solutions. In more than 110 individual projects, OPASCA has already installed more than 100 systems that have helped to increase safety and workflow efficiency.


Our partners

Our success is based on a network of strong partners throughout Europe. In close cooperation with OPASCA users, we strive for highly innovative developments and solutions to optimize therapy processes worldwide.

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