Lade Veranstaltungen

The German Society for Radiooncooncology (DEGRO) celebrates its anniversary, themed “25 years of DEGRO”, in Wiesbaden. 2020 also marks the 125th anniversary of when the German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered radiation technology for imaging. With his research, he laid the foundation for today’s medical technology and diagnosis.
DEGRO takes this opportunity to take a look at changes, developments and future trends. 325 national and international experts will give lectures on topics such as biological radiation research, hypofractionation, and impending paradigm shifts. Another focus will be on the discussion of training opportunities for young scientists and practice-oriented career paths.
The annual conference expects up to 3,100 participants and we are pleased to present ourselves as one of the 55 exhibitors and sponsors in the Wiesbadener Rhein-Main-Hallen.
The latest information about the conference can be found here.