Security systems for radiotherapy


Safety in day-to-day operation

Video-based room analysis for prevention of accidental exposure of personnel without additional auxiliary equipment provides uncompromising safety for everybody in the treatment room:

  • continuous monitoring of the treatment room based on three-dimensional video data analysis in real-time, including the machine room
  • protection without additional auxiliary equipment, such as transponders
  • full functionality regardless of movement or markers
  • automated learning algorithms to adapt to changes in the therapy room, including short- and long-term remaining items
  • integration of the controls of the radiation protection door by simple operation via the OPASCA door-terminal


Security clearance by way of facial recognition

The OPASCA Workflow SuiteRT offers you a reliable way to automatically verify the patient‘s identity – fully integrated into your workflow. An active validation done by the patients themselves avoids mistaken patient identities and generates more safety:

  • seamless integration into the OPASCA safety workflow and your OIS
  • automatic release of the interlock after positive validation
  • logging of individual facial feature according to data protection compliance requirements
  • tracking of physiognomic changes in patients over course of therapy for a constant high level of safety


Excluding error sources

The OPASCA Workflow Suite knows the individual setup for each patient and supports you in the treatment preparation process:

  • visual selection and cross-checking of the correct patient-individual utilization of immobilization devices
  • automated verification of the selected setup against the required setup
  • visual and easily understandable feedback in case of required changes
  • simple reproducibility of the required treatment
  • seamless integration into the OPASCA safety workflow


Safety for all

The reliable measurement of the current dose rate is important to protect patients and comply with statutory requirements. Our radiation detection offers:

  • safe, continuous and reliable in-situ measuring of local dose rates
  • integration of the radiation protection door with acoustic and optical warning
  • continuous archiving of measurement data for long-term evaluations of the weekly, monthly and annual dose rates in the treatment room
  • redundant power supply to secure records also in the case of power failure


Safety through collaboration

Especially in the case of deep inspiration breath-hold therapy techniques, the active collaboration on the patient side is of crucial importance. The OPASCA respiratory gating-feedback offers the patient an intuitive feedback – without any additional equipment:

  • feedback to the patient on their breathing curve via colour change of the room lighting
  • light changes clearly discernible for patients in any position, also from the peripheral field of vision
  • significant reduction of treatment time from the first fraction on
  • no necessity for patient coaching due to the intuitive feedback
  • possibility to reduce safety margins of the individual respiratory gate
  • no need for additional devices, e.g. glasses, guarantee a fully hygienic workflow within every treatment
  • fully seamless integration into existing respiratory gating systems


Best insights – clear and precise

The direct communication with your patients creates safety and increases convenience for all parties involved. The comprehensive OPASCA communications system facilitates contact during the entire treatment:

  • perfect audio quality by active filtering of background noise
  • detection of patient activity and activation of the intercom mode
  • multifunctional system for communication by means of intercom, announcements, multi-party and group calls

The OPASCA video surveillance system handles the specific requirements of radiation oncology:

  • radiation-hardened cameras for a long operating life above average
  • high quality pictures due to special wide-angle lenses for 100% room coverage
  • high light sensitivity for operation in dimmed rooms
  • additional integration of one-click pan-tilt radiation-hardened cameras with optical zoom