Well-being of patients


Calming the patient through connection

Personal attendance to patients by a familiar person positively supports the course of therapy. Especially children feel more comfortable and are more relaxed.

  • direct attendance by an accompanying person via an audio-visual connection, even during treatment
  • attendance of the treatment by an interpreter in case of foreign-language patients
  • reduction of the stress level and possibly also the necessity for anaesthesia


Creating atmosphere by use of light and sound

The more comfortable your patients are, the better they can relax, the more comfortable they will experience their therapy. Giving each patient the opportunity to select music and room ambience during treatment individually, creates a pleasant atmosphere for patient and personnel:

  • modern light installations to manage the colour of the treatment room lighting
  • independent selection of favoured music, themes and ambience lighting by the patients
  • automated setting of the selected ambience upon closing of the radiation protection door
  • a real distinctive feature in patient treatment