Workflow management


Digitalized patient admission

Automatic patient admission with health card, identity card or personal patient code. Here the patient receives his patient passport with individual colour and number combination:

  • Independent digital patient admission
  • Immediate communication of attendance to the hospital staff
  • Simple touch operation
  • Seamless integration into existing processes


Information and entertainment for your patients

With the OPASCA Workflow Suite, you provide your patients with essential information – not limited to hospital related content. Our infotainment solution for the waiting room offers:

  • automated notification about delays during the daily schedule
  • entertainment of waiting patients – Make the waiting time diverting with information movies, videos, TV programmes
  • multifunctional displays – entertainment and patient information simultaneously


The smart solution for on the go

Give your patients more autonomy by communicating directly and simply with your patients via the OPASCA app:

  • display of personal treatment appointments and treatment progresse
  • push messages in case of postponements
  • comfortable taxi call function
  •  intuitive, user-friendly operation



With the autonomous check-in, you involve your patients actively into the treatment process, create transparency and share responsibility:

  • individual patient ID card – with combined numerical and colour code
  • patient ID card with touchless technology – hygienic and reusable
  • check-in via touchscreen – simple operation, individual design and intuitive for all age groups
  • simple communication – possibility of requesting appointments or prescriptions via touchscreen


Next patient, please!

Almost fully automatic and with only one touch, patients are called according to data protection compliance requirements. This way, you disencumber your qualified personnel and create more room for personal attendance. The benefits of patient calling with OPASCA:

  • acoustic and optical calling of patients via a combined colour and numerical code
  • protection of your patients’ privacy: anonymous calling in compliance with data protection requirements
  • seamless integration with existing management systems (OIS/KIS)
  • simple operation for a suitable day-to-day use


This way, please.

The era of coloured lines and dots on the floor is over. With the display-based patient guiding system, your patients will easily find their way to the assigned room – wrong turns excluded:

  • guiding screens display large and easily comprehensible information
  • patient calling and guiding system are controlled directly from each workstation
  • dynamic and individual patient guidance with colour and numerical codes to each treatment station, directly and without detours